Now Accepting Applications

For the July 2015 Class.

Ahora Estamos Aceptando Aplicaciones

Para las Clase que Empieza en Enero 2015.


       Even if the class is full, we will still accept your application and place them for the next class. The sooner you get the mail (if mailed) application back to us the better off you are.

(Cuando la clase se llena, todavía aceptaremos su aplicación y lo guardaremos para la siguiente clase. Cuanto más pronto nos devuelve por correo la aplicación completa, lo mejor.)

A new English and Spanish full cadet Application is now available.

(Están disponibles aplicaciones de inglés y español.)

A full online application is available on the TCA website. Just click on any of the “Resource” pages for parents, youth and mentor. Use (WEBFORM) to complete and submit the form, a message will confirm your submission. Please read everything before moving on when you’re completing your application.

(Un aplicación completa está disponible en el sitio web del TCA. Haga clic en cualquiera de las páginas bajo, “Resources” para padres, jóvenes, y mentores. Usa (WEBFORM) para completar y someter la forma, un mensaje le conformara cuando su aplicación este sometida. Por favor lea toda antes de seguir adelante quando está completando su aplicación)

Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy



Salemburg NC 28385



***If you are using our online Cadet Application, you must also complete a Mentor Application to be processed with your Candidate’s application under resource for parents, youth, and mentor.

***Si usted está usando el sitio de web de TCA para completar el aplicación, usted tendrá que completar una Aplicación de Mentores junto a la aplicación de su candidato, bajo “Resources” para Padres, Jóvenes, y Mentores.”


You may also request an application by calling one of the telephone numbers listed below.

También puede pedir una aplicación llamando uno de los números a continuación.





Note: The Request for application is only making us aware of your intent. The full Cadet Application is above and does take some time to fill out.

Nota: Cuando nos habla a pedir una aplicación, solo nos está informando de su intención. El aplicación completa del Cadete esta notado arriba, y se requiere tiempo para llenar.

You must fill out the whole application, Mail or online. Any omission could result in the delay of processing your application, mail it to us at the address above.

(Usted tendrá que llenar una aplicación completa, por correo o sobre nuestro sitio de web. Cualquier omisión puede tardar el procesamiento de su aplicación. Puede mandar la aplicación por correo usando la dirección de correo notado arriba.)

Discussion - 13 Comments
  1. Larna Haddix

    May 09, 2014  at 11:56 am

    I am a social worker in Wake County North Carolina, and feel that I have a candidate for your program that will do very well and really wants to go. I would like to fill out the application with his mother who also feels this program would be good for him. I would like the list of criteria to get into the the program in Salemsburg. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  2. Ethan Jackson

    May 10, 2014  at 11:56 am

    I am requesting an application for tarheel challenge
    thank you


  3. Diane Kyle-Smith

    May 25, 2014  at 11:56 am

    Please send an application for tarheel challenge. .I would love for my daughter to attend.
    Thank You Diane


    • EWRicard

      May 27, 2014  at 11:56 am

      Please call us at 800-573-9966 and talk with Ms. Horne. You need to act quick because deadline is Saturday for the July Class.


  4. Anonymous

    May 26, 2014  at 11:56 am

    Everythjng is very open with a very clear explanation of
    the issues. It wwas definitely informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Thank you for sharing!


  5. Ms. Perry

    May 31, 2014  at 11:56 am

    I am in need of an application for your program for my son. Thanks


  6. Mrs.Morrow

    Jun 05, 2014  at 11:56 am

    please send application for my son.Thanks


    • EWRicard

      Jun 06, 2014  at 11:56 am

      Mrs. Morrow, The application is on the website to be filled out. If there is a problem and you can not fill it out than I would need you to call us so we could mail one to you. Just giving your name doesn’t help would not no where to mail it to. So for security please call us 800-573-9966 ask for Ms. Hair she will help you.


  7. Kia Burnette

    Jun 07, 2014  at 11:56 am

    I need a application for my daughter


    • EWRicard

      Jun 07, 2014  at 11:56 am

      Ms. You need to call us right away because Orientation for next Class is 14 June for the July Class.
      Call us at 800-573-9966. Ask for Mr. King or Ms. Horne and yes I mean now if you want this class.


  8. Rachel Lewis

    Jun 09, 2014  at 11:56 am

    I have just found out about this program. I am filling out the application. Is there any consideration for late applications? This is an answered prayer and would like to see if there is any possibility in him being considered for the July class. His therapist was in the army and he got me this information.


    • EWRicard

      Jun 10, 2014  at 11:56 am

      Can not promise any thing except for you to call us today 800-573-9966.


  9. DeAnna Mansfield

    Jun 13, 2014  at 11:56 am

    Good Afternoon, My sons guidance counselor recommended this program for him. I know it is too late for the July class but would be interested in learning more about future classes and if my son qualifies.


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