Ms. Denah Newman
Denah Newman,
Lead Instructor


Ms. Angela Bethune
Angela Bethune
Asst. Lead Instructor
Williams 10
Sharon Williams
Life Skills Instructor
 Mr. Brickhouse

            Charles Brickhouse
Social Studies Instructor


Math Instructor

 Ms. Mary Secrest
Mary Secrest
Science Instructor
 Mr. Ricky Watkins
Ricky Watkins
Computer Employ-ability Instructor



Prospective cadets (students) have options to learning at Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy.  We fuse the quasi-military structure with multiple learning environments to make up our premier Academy.

There are two tracks to the Tarheel ChalleNGe academic program, High School/Credit Recovery and High School Equivalency (HSE). Class objectives will cover the content and skills necessary for preparing the cadet to complete high school credits or take the HSE. To be considered for the High School/Credit Recovery Program, student transcripts are carefully screened to determine if they meet the initial criteria:  Classified as a high school Junior. Cadets enrolled in Credit Recovery take academic courses they need to recover from their previous high school, as well as take new courses to gain additional high school credits. Courses are taken online.

All learning is held in a residential quasi-military setting.

For more information, contact us today at 800-573-9966