Ms. Denah Newman
Denah Newman,
Lead Instructor


Ms. Angela Bethune
Angela Bethune
Asst. Lead Instructor
Tommie Owens
Social Studies Instructor
 Mr. Brickhouse

            Charles Brickhouse
Social Studies Instructor


Tammi Maynor

Math Instructor

 Ms. Mary Secrest
Mary Secrest
Science Instructor
 Mr. Ricky Watkins
Ricky Watkins
Computer Employability Instructor

Academic classes are taught in the classroom and in computer labs where each student works on lessons designed to reinforce their classroom instruction. The computer lessons are self-paced allowing Cadets to progress at their own level of proficiency.


As a Premier Academy, Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy provides individualized instructions that cater to the needs of the Cadets to prepare them to take the High School Equivalency (HSE) Test or participate in Online High School Diploma (HSD)/Credit Recovery (CR) program. To be considered for the High School Diploma/Credit Recovery Program, the Cadet’s OFFICIAL transcript is carefully screened to determine if they meet the initial criteria: classified as a high school Junior and has earned 15.5 or more high school credits. Cadets enrolled in the Credit Recovery Program will have the opportunity to earn high school credits. Results vary depending on the courses selected, individual abilities and effort. There are limited seats.


All learning is held in a residential quasi-military setting.


For more information, contact us today at 800-573-9966