Mr. King
Recruiting Placement Mentoring(RPM) Manager
Mr. Billy King

Ms. Janel Hair
Administrative Clerk
Ms. Mary Janel Holmes

Mr. Kenneth
Cell Phone: 910.214.1750
Rita Ladner SE Recruiter
Ms. Rita Ladner
Cell Phone: 910-214-2007



Application Process


Step 1: Once you have submitted the online application you will receive an e-mail with the supporting documents, these documents need to be returned to us within two weeks.

Mentor paperwork can be submitted separately from the application. Although the mentor application is needed to have a complete application it is imperative that you take the time to find an appropriate person who will be a good role model for the applicant. Not all mentors will pass the Challenge Academy screening process.

Step 2: All applicants who have a completed application and meets all eligibility requirements will be invited to attend an Orientation Sessions. Orientations for our January class are generally held in November and December, and for the July class are held in May and June. Orientation is for the applicant, parents, and mentor only. Please avoid bringing additional family and/or friends, space is limited.

At Orientation you will receive a briefing about the program and what to expect, take a tour, and be interviewed by the Academy’s staff members. You can also talk with the Admissions Department about missing paperwork. Only applications that are complete are eligible to be considered for acceptance into the next class.

Step 3: What to do if you’re accepted? Please purchase all items listed on the clothing list that will be provided to you by mail.   Started preparing yourself to be a successful Candidate. The first two weeks are very stressful, the more you prepare yourself the more successful you are likely to be. If you smoke stop now, do not wait until the day you start class. If you do drugs or drink alcohol, stop doing them now as well, there will be a drug test shortly after you arrive. You will be dismissed if you fail the drug screening. If you get into legal trouble before you report to the Academy please contact the Admissions Department immediately.


Step 4: In-processing Day

Please be sure to arrive on time, if you have any problems on in-processing day please contact us. Don’t wait until you are late for your arrival time.



Q: Do I have to complete the school release form?

A: Yes, this is a requirement for being accepted into the program. We have to enroll the candidate into HSE Classes and we cannot do so without this form.

Q: Do I have to have a mentor?

A: Yes, this is a requirement for being accepted. If you do not have a mentor we always suggest you contacting your local VFWs, Lions Club, Churches, Schools, Neighbors and Friends. Just make sure that they will be a good role model for your child.

Q: Do I have to get a criminal background check on the mentor?

A: No, Tarheel Challenge Academy will have the mentor background check done by the State Bureau of Investigation. A sex offender background check will also be completed by Tarheel Challenge Academy.

Q: Can the Academy find a mentor for my child?

A: No, we can make suggestions on where to find a mentor, but the parents/guardians are responsible for finding the mentor.