Audra Culbreth, LPN

Danielle Speight, Medical Assistant

Mary Wallace, Medical Assistant

Our Mission
To give quality nursing care to our 16-18 year olds, so they can complete the Eight Core Components in order to succeed as productive citizens. Our main objective is the safety, health and well-being of our cadets.

Our Purpose
To provide and ensure continued medical care to all students during the residential phase. The Medical Office provides twenty-four hour medical coverage to all cadets. We have one Practical Nurse and two Medical Assistants covering on a rotational basis; We also have 24/7 available phone contact with Laurie Szoka, FNP.


How to Have Your Cadet Medically Prepared for Challenge


DENTAL—Routine dental exams including cleanings, extractions, fillings and crowns should to be completed before In-Processing Day.  Orthodontic adjustments should be done prior to In-Processing Day and may be scheduled for Home Pass Monday or Friday.  Please contact Mrs. Culbreth, prior to scheduling appointment.

VISION—Routine eye exams should be done before In-Processing Day.  If corrective lenses are prescribed, please see to it glasses are purchased and not contact lenses, due to eye infections. Contact lenses and darkening lenses are NOT permitted at Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy.

MEDICAL—Annual and routine physicals should be completed and turned into Mrs. Culbreth by the deadline.

Our weekend Home Passes incorporates a weekday, either Monday or Friday for those cadets in need to go out for appointments. Please contact Mrs. Culbreth and allow at least one week for prior approval.


All allergies and reactions are addressed; Food, seasonal, environmental and/ or medication. If your child is prescribed an Epi-Pen, two must be turned in at the time of In-Processing, one for your child and one as a back-up in Medical.

If asthma inhalers are prescribed, two must be turned in at the time of In-Processing, one for your child and one as a back-up in Medical.

Pharmaceutical NeedsParents / Guardians, YOU are responsible for these!

We work closely with Walgreen’s Pharmacy, located at 218 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Roseboro, NC 28382, 910-525-5100. For you parents with prescription co-pays you may go to any Walgreen’s and set up an ‘ExpressPay’ account in your child’s name so when we have refills, the financial aspect is taken care of.  This too will avoid any lapse in medication administration.

On In-Processing Day you are required to present a 30-day supply of medications currently taking and any additional prescriptions you have. If your physician will not release additional prescriptions to you, we will contact you approximately one week of your cadet’s last dose, so you’ll have ample time to get the script from your physician and mail or bring it to us, to avoid a lapse in medication administration.  Prescription medications must be in original packaging with pharmacy label with child’s name and Over-The-Counter medications, including vitamins must be sealed and in their original packaging.

Medical Forms

General Examination Form (Page 2 requires physician completion and signature as well as Tuberculin Skin Test and Sexual Transmitted Disease testing-results required).

Prescription or Over-The-Counter Medication Form (Required, if your child takes daily prescription medications, vitamins or medications for Seasonal Allergies). We do not recommend starting or stopping of medications within two months of entering the program or increasing/decreasing of any medications.

Recent Vision and Dental Exams (within two months, show proof).

NC Dept of Health Immunizations (shot Record- Updated with Boosters)

Clear copies of medical/prescription insurance (front & Back).

Overall Health

If your child has ever been diagnosed with Mood Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, Autism, etc, bone deformity, Scoliosis, flat feet, unable to perform certain positions, frequent headaches, thyroid issues, Asthma, blood pressure issues, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and heart murmur or has had a recent concussion, fracture or surgery less than one year old; a Clearance Letter from the treating physician, stating your child is able to participate in our mentally and physically demanding environment.

If your child has ever been treated in a psychiatric unit (Bryn Marr, Holly Hill, Behavioral Center, etc.) for Depression or Suicide Attempt / Ideations (thoughts or self-harm) we require the Discharge Summary from that facility and a Clearance Letter from your child’s current physician, stating he/she is mentally stable and able to participate in our demanding environment.