Due to Hurricane Florence, all donations for our Annual Walk-A-Thon will now be due on October 20th, 2018. As previously mentioned, this is the Cadet’s only fundraiser and critical in assisting their funding for all end of class activities, including their Banquet and Activity Day. Additionally, the fundraiser allows the Cadets to donate 20% of the money raised to a charitable/non-profit organization.

Donations that arrive after the October 20, 2018 deadline will still go into the Cadet Fund, but will not be counted towards the team competition. If you need additional pledge sheets please contact the academy. All donations and pledge sheets are to be turned in to Mr. Turner.

Additionally, all class ring deposits will also be due on October 20th, 2018.

Mr. Gary Hall of Sessom’s Jewelry will be on site October 20th at 3 pm when the Cadets return from their Day Pass to accept deposits and answer any questions you may have about the class rings.

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