New London and Salemburg
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Now Accepting Applications for Salemburg

Now Accepting Applications for Salemburg


We greatly appreciate your interest in the upcoming Class 55 at Tarheel Challenge Academy-Salemburg scheduled to begin on August 15, 2020.  Because of COVID-19 and the related safety policies and guidelines, we will have limited space available for Class 55.

The selection and admission process will approve applications on a first come first served basis.  Priority will go to completed applications in the order they are received.  Because of our smaller class capacity, you must get your application completed along with all required documents and submitted as soon as possible.

Completed Application includes all other required documents. Criminal Background Check, School Release, School Transcripts, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Proof of Insurance, Medical documents (shot records, physical form, Consent for Medical, Release of Liability), Mentor Application.

Don’t delay the opportunity for your child to begin in mid-August.