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Month: September 2023

TCA NL Class 60 Academic Honor Graduate

Also during the TCA New London Awards Ceremony, Cadet Phoenix Calloway was given the award of “Academic Honor Graduate.”  The academic honor graduate goes to the cadet who has the highest combined score on the five tests that comprise the HiSET.  Congratulations Cadet Calloway, the staff at TCA New London wish you well with all …

TCA NL Class 60 Commandant’s Award

During the TCA New London awards ceremony, Cadet Dorian Pryor was awarded the Commandant’s award.  Congratulations Cadet Pryor.

TCA NL Class 60 Iron Person

On Tuesday, September 13, 2023 TCA New London held their class awards ceremony.  During this ceremony, Cadet Tyler Trott was named the Iron Person recipient for the class.  Cadet Trott earned this distinction by having the best scores on his final physical training test which includes a mile run, curl-ups, sit-ups and other PT exercises …