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TCA New London Cadets Participate in Governor’s Page Program

TCA New London Cadets Participate in Governor’s Page Program

During the week of February 4, 2019, select cadets participated in the North Carolina Governor’s Page program which culminates with a meeting of the current governor.

Established in 1973, the Governor’s Page Program gives high school students from all over North Carolina the opportunity to come to Raleigh for a week of hands-on participation in their state government. We want the Page Program to represent North Carolina’s diverse communities and help inspire a new generation of leaders.

The program is designed to help students grow in four key areas:

  • Civics. Pages will see first-hand the three different branches of government and how they work together to serve the people of North Carolina.
  • History. Pages will learn about our shared history so that we can better understand the present.
  • Service. Pages will learn more about the importance of community and civil service, and the impact it has on our state.
  • Professional Development. Pages will develop skills needed for entering higher education or the workforce.

The Governor’s Page Program offers students an in-depth view of state government. During the week, Pages will be assigned to assist staff in the Governor’s Office. Pages will tour multiple government buildings and historic sites during their stay including the Legislative Building, the State Capitol, the Executive Mansion, and the North Carolina Museum of History. Finally, Pages will have the opportunity to meet with government officials and discuss how state government works and how it impacts the lives of North Carolinians.

We would like to congratulate Team 1 cadets Rose, Major, Strosnider and Henry; Team 2 cadets Dominguez, Robinette and Tavarez and Team 3 cadets Boles, Brion and Redmon for being chosen for this honor and having the opportunity to learn more about our state’s government and how they can have an impact.