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TCA New London Completes Phase I of AMAP

TCA New London Completes Phase I of AMAP

This past weekend New London Class 51 cadets participated in the first “Animate My Action Plan” exercise held at the academy by Royer Studios.  All cadets at the academy engage in the first phase of the three phase curriculum creating short stop-action animated videos about their “action plan.”  During Phase I, cadets work in teams of 6-8 and  learn about the different aspects of creating a 30 second video to include art production, script writing, audio production, etc.  

 “Animate My Action Plan” is a three-phase curriculum that provides an opportunity for National Guard Youth ChalleNGe cadets to use the arts as a gateway to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM) in the exploration of career paths. In this innovative research-based program, cadets have the opportunity to expand their potential for successful, productive, and meaningful futures.  Experiential workshops and mentorship from industry professionals help boost cadets’ confidence and motivation to pursue higher education and worthwhile careers. 

The National Guard Youth Foundation partnered with Royer Studios to provide a comprehensive technology-based workforce development program to address Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) deficiencies in the existing and future labor force. Animate My Action Plan, engages at-promise youth in STEAM education and focuses on serving underrepresented populations, including young women and minorities, through the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program.

Visit our Flickr page to view the album of AMAP photos of cadets participating in the different exercises and view the completed videos below!