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TCA NL Class 58 Prepares for the ASVAB

TCA NL Class 58 Prepares for the ASVAB

On Monday, July 25, all cadets of Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy – New London Class 58 will participate in taking the ASVAB test. The Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is administered and maintained by the US Department of Defense and our cadets now take the computer based test instead of a paper based one.

Taking the ASVAB is a requirement of the ChalleNGe program; it’s a free standardized test that helps individuals determine how they learn and what they are good at, and it gives you choices when you get ready to graduate to decide on what you might like to pursue.

The ASVAB is, in fact, the test you take to gain entrance into the Military. A tester must score a minimum score of 31 to eligible to be enlisted in the United States Army. The SAT, the ACT or the COMPASS is for colleges or technical schools, while the ASVAB is to get into the military, the higher you score on the ASVAB, the more opportunities you have for different career paths in the military.

Although the ASVAB may sound like a military test alone, the test is closer to an abilities, career and interests test than anything else. Cadets often ask why they should take the ASVAB if they are not entering the military and the answer to that is even if you don’t want to be in the military it still shows you what strengths you have and appropriate careers for your strengths.  

Please encourage your cadet to do their best on the ASVAB, it is one of the most important tests they will take.